Woodcast was awarded in the New tree 2014 competition

Woodcast casting material made from pure wood and biodegradable plastic is a winner in the series Demograhpic changes of New tree 2014 competition.

The jury assessed Woodcast as follows:

“In this concept interesting is the new context of use of wood as a casting material and, above all, the user-oriented development. The identification of needs of various different user groups is a good place to start developing next prototypes of this product.”
“Innovative. Recyclability good.”
“Very creative solution to the basic process of everyday health care. The operational characteristics allow flexible use of the product.”

The competition open to all companies and organizations, the New tree 2014, was looking for the best solutions based on wood material or wood components that would meet the challenges of global phenomena. Aim of the competition was to find and present to the public the best solutions using wood-based material. Competition entries competed in five categories, which were urbanization, resource scarcity, digitalisation, demographic changes, and conscious consumption.

More about the New tree project in the project’s webpage at http://www.uusipuu.fi/en/newtree