Medeia Therapeutics Ltd to participate in a new EU Project

Medeia Therapeutics announced today that European Commission has granted 3.4 million EUR to fund a new Marie Curie Initial Training Network called “nEUROinflammation”. In addition to Medeia 12 other partner organizations from industry and academia in 9 European countries will be investigating inflammatory processes in the brain with a common aim to improve therapeutic opportunities especially for stroke and multiple sclerosis.

In particular the group is interested in determining the specific role of monocytes and microglia in neurological diseases. The results are anticipated to shed light on the role of these cells in the pathobiology of neurodegenerative disorders and thereby improve the likelihood of success in drug and biomarker development in the future.

This international project also aims to support the education of young PhD students and will strengthen scientific cooperation in Europe. All in all, 13 postgraduates will be recruited to work in the partner laboratories- one at every partner institution – and participate in joint workshops and trainings. Two of the PhD positions are based in Kuopio, Finland. Medeia Therapeutics will collaborate with the Laboratory of Molecular Brain Research at the University of Eastern Finland to host and supervise the projects. Special emphasis will be on research collaboration and PhD student exchange between the partners.

The consortium members of “nEUROinflammation“ include the University of Luebeck (Germany), the Agenca Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas CSIC (Spain), the Westfaelische Wilhelms University of Muenster (Germany), University Medical Center Freiburg (Germany), University of Bern (Switzerland), Universita Degli Studi di Brescia (Italy), University of Eastern Finland (Finland), Universite de Caen Basse-Normandie (France), Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland), VU University of Amsterdam Medical Center VU-VUMC (Netherlands), as well as 3 companies: Medeia Therapeutics Ltd (Finland), Chiesi Farmaceutici SPA (Italy) and Euroimmun Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG (Germany). European opinion leaders in neurodegenerative disorders will supervise the scientific aspects of the projects.

“nEUROinflammation” starts on October 1, 2013. Please visit the homepage for more information. Medeia encourages all interested PhD candidates to apply online

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