Lead Discovery Collaboration on Protein Protein Interaction Targets with Proteros

Munich, Germany, April 9, 2013 – Proteros biostructures GmbH (“Proteros”) today announced that the company entered into a Lead Discovery Collaboration with Priaxon AG to jointly develop lead compounds for high value protein-protein interaction (PPI) drug targets.

The combination of Proteros’ structure guided discovery with Priaxon’s PPI-directed drug discovery platforms will be focused on the identification of novel small molecule modulators for PPI targets. As part of this collaboration, Proteros will apply its integrated Lead Discovery expertise and technologies in the field of structural biology, biophysics and screening. Priaxon will apply its proprietary drug discovery platform Priaxplore®, which combines a proprietary PPI focused chemical space with special tailor made chemoinformatic methods for the identification of potential PPI modulators.

“The combination of Proteros’ strength in structural biology and biophysics with the Priaxon’s PPI focused drug discovery platform Priaxplore® forms an excellent basis to make PPI targets of high interest addressable by small molecule modulators” said Dr. Juergen Kolb, CEO of Priaxon.
Dr. Torsten Neuefeind, CEO of Proteros, stated: “We are very pleased to have formed this relationship with Priaxon. Both companies have complementary platforms as well as an established track-record. PPIs are a big challenge in drug discovery and the use of structural information, computational chemistry and Priaxons’ validated chemistry approach allows us to respond to the industry demand for such targets in a unique manner”.

About Proteros

Proteros is a privately held company that provides services and proprietary technologies to support integrated drug discovery. Proteros uses its technical expertise, industrial processes and unique technologies for crystallography, kinetic and thermodynamic profiling and fragment-based lead discovery. The platform allows structure accelerated Lead Discovery. Proteros currently provides services to more than 80 pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in North America, Europe and Asia.
About Priaxon

Priaxon is an emerging pharmaceutical company building a pipeline of novel drug candidates in different therapeutic fields, but focusing on protein-protein interactions in oncology. Priaxon uses its unique and proprietary drug discovery technology platform Priaxplore® which employs novel methods of chemical synthesis and computational design to discover and develop new chemical entities as candidates for hard-to-drug targets from the PPI field.
About PPIs

Protein-protein-interactions are relevant for a variety of targets (PPIs) in numerous indications and such targets could become successors of kinases as prime targets for a whole era. PPIs pertain to numerous therapeutic fields including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases or oncology. This class of targets has been regarded as un-drugable for a long time. Now, successful approaches to address PPIs together with their high relevance in cellular signaling pathways and regulation make them attractive potential targets for future developments. The chemistry and technology of Priaxon and Proteros are particularly suited for addressing PPIs.

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